On-Site Direct Sourcing For Applicants On The Move
Industry Game-Changer
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Introducing our AMAZING patent pending GoBox™
Unique self-service solution GUARANTEED to improve your recruiting results.
Provides greater applicant selection resulting in higher QUALITY of hires!
Attracts passive job applicants giving you a competitive ADVANTAGE!
Unmatched ACCESSIBILITY! Recruit indoors or outdoors!
Dispense marketing & advertising information WHILE actively recruiting!
Capacity of over 2,000 GoCards™ = NEVER running out of ‘Job Applications’!
Designed to fill jobs FASTER while dramatically reducing your overall recruiting costs!
All of our GoBoxes™ are PROUDLY handmade in America!

Highest Visibility

Guaranteed to attract MORE applicants! Outperforms ALL traditional on-site sourcing & recruitment campaigns.

Lowest Cost

Starting as low as $9.95 per month, our GoBoxes™ offer the best bang for the buck within the recruting industry.

Greatest Flexibility

Multiple models specifically designed for entrances & exits, POS, common areas and outdoor drive-thru's.

Maximum Results

Maximize your marketing results by allowing your customers to grab your promotions... on the go!

The #1 Complete Hourly Recruiting Solution 'In a Box!'

We've combined the incredible applicant sourcing power of Apply On The Go™ with our Apply Now Network™ "Hybrid" Job Board and Applicant Tracking Service for a complete sourcing + recruiting solution.

Features / Benefits

  • QuickStart Pre-Application™ (coming soon)

    Increase applicant flow by 30%-300%!

    Instantly add a mobile optimized front-end to ANY existing ATS or applicant portal.

    QuickStart™ automatically emails a friendly reminder every 48 hours to each applicant urging them to complete your ENTIRE application process.

    (Works with over 100+ ATS providers and nearly ALL corporate website & career portals.)
  • Improves ANY Existing Recruiting Process

    100% GUARANTEED to improve ANY current recruiting process.
  • Industry's Best Sourcing Value

    You can fully deploy the industry's newest and most effective on-site direct sourcing solution for as little as $19.95/mo per location! here's what you get;

    GoBoxes™ - Complete with a quick-release bracket which can be installed in under 30 seconds using our unique glass/wallmount semi-permanent adhesive strips.

    Full Color Corporate Branding - Your GoBoxes™ and GoCards™ are professionally printed using your own corporate messaging, brand and graphics. Optionally, choose our custom 4 or 6 panel GoCards™ to offer maximum marketing results while sourcing potential applicants.

    GoCards™ - Professional, high quality, full-bleed custom printed applicant invitation cards.

    GoCard™ Monthly Refills - If you are running low, simply dial the toll-free number inside each and every GoBox™ and we will immediately send you an entire refill for FREE! (P&H may be applied - see plans)

    Free Replacement - Our "No Worries" policy covers any GoBox™ that has been lost, stolen or damaged. Just call or email us and we'll ship a new unit to you that same day. (P&H may be applied - see plans)

  • Maximum Results, Smallest Footprint

    Double, triple or even quadruple your applicant pool! No other industry solution offers better sourcing results per square inch.

    Our patent pending GoBoxes™ represent the world's first applicant invitation & marketing dispenser specially designed to be mounted DIRECTLY ON EXITS and glass doorways.

    Think about it. Not every customer uses the checkout stand, service counter, restrooms, common areas, etc. However, EVERY customer must eventually use the EXIT! Furthermore, you don't normally want your customers to "take" anything with them on the way out - until now. Now, with the power of our GoBox™, your customers can take an invitation to apply as well as your marketing message (and valuable brand) with them... On The Go!

    In addition, you can choose from a variety of different GoBox™ models. Each model was designed and engineered to specifically address the location needs associated within high volume foot-tracffic businesses. They can be displayed on countertops and POS areas as well as instantly mounted to walls, cash registers, drive-through windows, gas pumps, and just about everywhere else. Also, our GoBoxes™ can be quickly 'toggled' or converted to full Marketing Mode during those times when you are not recruiting for applicants.
  • Works With ALL ATS/HR Solution Providers

    Works with EVERY leading recruiting/ATS solution provider. Simply include your hiring line (telephone) number or your current online recruiting URL (i.e. www.mycompany/careers.com) and instructions letting the applicant know exactly how to take the next step in your hiring process.

    • The quickest 'Instant Application' request process
    • Turns good customers into great employees
    • Source great applicants before your competitors do
    • Enforces non-discriminatory sourcing practices
    • Attract more 'passive' applicants
    • Fill unexpected vacant positions faster
    • Increase your applicant pool
    • Promotes brand awareness
    • Easy to use - Super low maintenance
    • Deploys in under 30 seconds
  • 100% Guaranteed to Outperform ANY On-Site
    Direct Sourcing Solution

    Our revolutionary new patent pending GoPods™ are 100% GUARANTEED to outperform ANY on-site direct sourcing solution that you may currently be using.

    Whether you are currently using hanging signs, banners, posters, brochures, window clings, flyers, handouts, "ticket" dispensers, or anything else, our properly deployed GoBoxes™ will outperform your current monthly applicant flow rates or we'll refund your current billing cycle fees 100% in-full! Guaranteed!

See Our Amazing GoBox™ in Action

What Others Are Saying

  • quiznos-logo

    Many people feel uncomfortable asking us for a job application, especially when we're busy. Apply On The Go would be an excellent solution for them.

    ...more people would apply.

    Kaylee C., Shift Supervisor
  • Taco_Bell-logo

    Sure, we have recruiting signs but, by the time our potential applicants drive away, they've forgotten all about our recruiting website address. I like how your solution allows them to take our recruiting information with them... on the go.

    Anthony G., Manager
  • carls_Jr

    What a great idea. I get at least 8-10 requests a day for an application. This would easily save me at least 15-20 minutes EVERY day!

    Scott S., General Manager

Combine the on-site, self-service ‘front end’ applicant attraction power of Apply On The Go™ with the ‘back-end’ power of our preferred HR solution providers to create a complete and comprehensive talent acquisition solution!

Our recommended solution providers can provide an entite range of HR solutions including: applicant tracking, career sites, job boards, assessments, tax screening, background checking, I-9 & E-Verify, on-boarding, exit surveys & more.

Click on one of our recommended service providers to visit their website.

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