On-Site Direct Sourcing For Applicants On The Move

We Know a Thing or Two About Our Top Competitor’s Product. After All, We Invented It!

That’s right!  We are the original inventors responsible for bringing the JobApp Dispenser to market.  Therefore, we know a thing or two about both its strengths and its weaknesses.  For starters, our GoBoxes™ are NOT an improvement of our original concept which became the JobApp Dispenser.  On the contrary, our GoBoxes™ are a radically new and entirely different product which we have designed, from the ground up, to provide the best on-site recruitment marketing device in the industry.  It’s really like comparing Apples to Oranges.  Our competitor’s product is a ‘ticket dispenser’ designed to dispense pull-tabs from a proprietary paper roll.  Our new GoBoxes™ are business card dispensers engineered to dispense regular (U.S. standard) business cards as well as our unique, high-impact, multi-panel GoCards™.

Other than the traditional methods used for in-store or on-premise recruitment advertising such as posters, brochures, wall signs, window clings, pamphlets, handouts, etc. we are not aware of another solution available in the marketplace that competes directly with our GoBoxes™ other than the JobApp Dispenser.   So, how do these products compare on a head-to-head comparison?   Take a look at the following feature comparison and judge for yourself.

comp_a comp_b comp_c