On-Site Direct Sourcing For Applicants On The Move

The Story of Our GoBox™

Top 20 Features That Make Our GoBoxes™ The Best Solution in the Marketplace.


  • 1) Fast & effortless retrieval action. Extremely easy to use.
  • 2) Never jams. Cards never gets stuck. Cards never rip or tear.
  • 3) Simple and easy card loading – No training or tools needed.
  • 4) Toggle Messaging – Ability to turn hiring messages ‘On’ or ‘Off’.
  • 5) Fast mounting to glass surfaces – Mountable in under 30 seconds – No tools needed.
  • 6) Completely weather resistant – Keeps cards dry even in a heavy rain storm.
  • 7) Instantly interchangeable graphics (seasonal, promotional, special, etc.)
  • 8) Spill, splatter and splash proof – Keep cards free of ‘gunk’ in all work environments.
  • 9) Full 4-color professional printing on all card panels.
  • 10) Visual capacity indicator – No more guessing when it’s time to refill.
  • 11) One-way dispensing – Cards come out easy but cannot be easily re-inserted.
  • 12) One-handed operation. No lids, doors or sliders to open. (indoor or outdoor).
  • 13) No moving parts to get broken, jam-up or wear out.
  • 14) Dispenses ONLY one card at a time – Every time.
  • 15) Clean & neutral design – Ultra visible – Industry’s smallest footprint.
  • 16) Uses standard business cards – Not the proprietary “Tickets” that our competitors require.
  • 17) Specially engineered to dispense our exclusive multi-panel GoCards™.
  • 18) Cards stay securely in-place and will NOT end up on your floor.
  • 19) Offers excellent protection from the ‘casual’ vandal.
  • 20) Available in multiple colors with high quality custom (corporate) weatherpfoof graphics.

When we first tell people that our GoBoxes™ took us well over a year to engineer, design, prototype and test before we could bring them to market, they look at us like we have three heads…

How could a simple ‘box’ take so long?

Well, the evolution of our current GoBoxes™ started with the simple goal of hoping to licence the best on-site direct sourcing solution that we could find in order to fulfill the needs of our “hybrid” job board service Apply Now Network™.

We just knew that there had to be a great dispenser out there and we were determined to find it. So, we researched, examined and/or purchased EVERY card holder/dispensing device that we could find.  We searched everywhere in the marketplace both domestically and internationally.  After closely examining dozens of designs, we soon realized that many different devices on the market did one or two things really well, but not one of them accomplished everything we were looking for.  Some had unique ‘finger roll’ dispensing actions but were not weather resistant while others were weather resistant but required a two-handed dexterous operation involving opening lids, removing covers, sliding panels, etc.

After almost 4 months of studying every device that we could literally find in the marketplace, we decided to chronicle the best features from each of the various designs. Next, we used that information to compile a ‘checklist’ of sorts listing the top 20 requirements, functions and/or needs required to be called the ‘Best Solution in the Marketplace’. (See list above.)

Since we couldn’t find a satisfying solution ANYWHERE in the marketplace, we quickly realized that the only way to achieve our goal was to build a better solution ourselves starting from scratch.  And that’s exactly what we ended up doing.  Our early designs were radically different designs that included Post-it type notes with disposable cardboard pop-up dispensers.  Soon after, we replaced the cardboard and tested ABS plastics, Acrylics, Aluminum and various other materials before we ultimately selected the very special plastics used in our GoBoxes™ today.  From there, we started working with mechanical “dispensing” mechanisms powered by springs, tension coils and even industrial rubber bands with gears & levers that would work together to pop the cards up with a simple push of a lever. However, we just couldn’t find a winning mechanical solution. For instance, the industrial rubber bands were great, but would not operate reliably in really cold weather and the spring and lever approach made reloading the units very challenging and were difficult to adequately weatherproof.

Ultimately, we decided to abandon mechanical power all together in favor of using just the power of Gravity. We spent the next several months building over 100 different prototypes until we finally settled on just the right aesthetic design made of a unique combination of thermal dynamic materials, gravitational angles, strategic dimensions, special cuts, custom adhesives, unique paints and all-weather decals.  All of these elements, when combined together, form our incredible GoBoxes™. Since our GoBoxes™ meet or exceed ALL 20 of the requirements listed above, we are confident that our GoBoxes™ are simply the best solution available in the industry! Goal achieved.

P.S.  We believe our GoBoxes™ just may be the best dispensers in the world – Let us know if you find a better solution anywhere.