On-Site Direct Sourcing For Applicants On The Move
Original Pioneer of Automated Recruiting Solutions

Apply On The Go™ was officially launched in Portland, OR in March of 2013 by Randy Morrow, an early pioneer in the recruiting software industry.  In 1993, Randy designed, developed and launched one of the very first interactive voice powered automated recruiting platforms in the recruiting industry.  During those early years, Randy’s automated recruiting platform processed over 1,000,000 minutes per month in job applicant traffic for some of the biggest companies in America including Montgomery Wards, Amsouth Bank, Sprint, Chevy Chase Bank, LL Bean, Supervalu, etc.  In 1997, Randy’s company (Drake Technologies) was acquired by the fastest growing publicly traded company in Michigan..

Inventor of Several Industry Exclusive Features and Patented Solutions

In 1998, Randy founded InterActive Voice, Data & Fax, Inc. and spent the next decade improving his automated recruiting technology while building custom recruiting solutions for corporations and government agencies such as JCPenney’s, U.S. Navy, Burger King, Corning, U.S. Census, etc. Randy’s technology even powered the toll-free recruiting lines for over 50 of the largest newspapers in America including the New York Times.

Original Founder and Visionary Architect of the JobApp Network

By the end of 2006, Randy had lead the development, design and branding of several key automated recruiting technologies including PredixStar™ (a five-star applicant rating system),  PreQ™ (pre-employment screening), PosiFit™ (position based questionnaire) and HireUp™ (job trait assessments).  Randy had also introduced many technological firsts into the recruiting marketplace including the first talking job application using VoiceView™ technology (voice embedded PDF) and is recognized by the U.S. Patent Office as the sole inventor of the ‘JobApp Dispenser’.  These technologies and inventions would later form the foundation of Randy’s flagship product which he proudly named the ‘JobApp Network’.  In 2007, an investor group led by Michigan’s Vineyard Capital Group purchased the assets of InterActive Voice and launched a new company named ‘JobApp Network’.  Today, JobApp Network, which was built on the foundation that Randy created, serves a multitude of customers including; Church’s Chicken, Belle Tire, Travel Centers of America, Ralley’s (Checker’s), etc.

Bringing Original Key Investors, Long-Term Partners and Loyal Team Members Back Together Again

While closely following the ever-changing landscape in the recruiting industry, Randy and his team have been quietly and tirelessly working behind the scenes on his life’s most ambitious work.  Now, in 2013, with the help of original key investors and long-term business partners, Randy is extremely proud to introduce Apply On The Go™ and it’s companion service Apply Now Network™.  These powerful new solutions are a product of 20+ years of proven experience delivering world-class recruiting solutions to America’s largest corporations and government entities.  Apply On The Go’s™ powerful patented products represent yet another milestone in Randy’s unprecedented history of introducing industry-first solutions into the marketplace.

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